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Discover simple but incredibly powerful words & phrases that trigger uncontrollable feelings of sexual attraction in women. 

Do you want to turn your friendship with a girl into a romantic relationship...or just have some really great sex with her? It's a delicate situation that leaves most guys feeling frustrated and helpless. But with the right strategy, you can make HER feel a desire to be "more than friends." Click the image above to watch this video training.   

"Framing" means setting the underlying meaning of the interaction. When you use Sexual Framing, you're establishing in her mind that the two of you ARE going to hook up, and she's going to have an enjoyable, exciting experience. Click the image above to listen.  

Learn these tactics to make your conversations with women more fun, playful and flirtatious. You'll add "sexual energy" to the interaction and keep her attention fully engaged. Click the image above to listen.   

Average guys play it safe and stick with "small talk." When you've got confidence and game,  you can use Sexual Teasing to turn the tables and playfully tease and challenge her, while stirring up feelings of curiosity and attraction.  Click the image above for this video training. 

Here are some openers you can use to start conversations with women in a fun, unpredictable and effective way. I call them "Stealth" openers because you aren't introducing yourself in the usual way and making your interest obvious. Instead, you'll slide in under the radar and "hook" her attention in a way she isn't expecting. Click the image above. 

Turn every guy's fantasy into your reality! Most women are a lot more open to the idea of experimenting with "threesomes" than you probably think...but you've got to have the right game plan. Click on the image above to listen to this audio. 

Being aware of your internal "state," and knowing how to control it, is one of the keys to building rock-solid confidence. In this audio training, you'll learn strategies for mastering your state so that you'll be cool and confident when it counts. Click the image above to listen. 

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